On Wednesdays We Wear Orange

On Wednesdays We Wear Orange

I know that mean girl Karen Smith made it quite clear that Wednesdays are reserved for pink clothing fourteen years ago, but I would like to make some room for the highly unappreciated colour that is orange. It is bright, it is right, it is such a delight! (Blame my mother for my horrible rhymes). But mostly, it would feel wrong to wear this shirt, that has an orange Wednesday-print on it, on any other day. It is nonnegotiable

There are two main reasons behind why I love this outfit. Firstly, this is not really my style fundamentally but so my style all in all. The fact that it was not quite “me” when only having the main components (being the pants and the shirt) in front of me is probably the reason it got so complete when I was done composing the look. The fundamentals are more street than I identify with. To make sure the look would not end up as street I added the earrings to make it a bit more trendy as well as the shoes, coat and hat to put a formal twist to it. The subtle elegance in the makeup look too draws the outfit towards my style.

Secondly, the colour palette is restricted but does not appear that way. It is playful in an organised way. The black pieces are strategically positioned at the bottom, the middle and the top, following the three-point rule. The orange in the print is followed up thanks to the earrings and the white base of the shirt can also be found in the rips of the jeans. The only loose end is the blue jean (if you do not count my eyes, but I am not taking things that far today), but thanks to that the rips are connected with the rest of the outfit it does not feel misplaced either. The loose end is hanging on my a thread (quite literally) which is what makes the outfit slightly more interesting.

Stay original, gorgeous! xoxo


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