Fashion Trend Forecast Spring 2018

Fashion Trend Forecast Spring 2018

My secret super power is to predict fashion trends. I have not mastered this ability fully, just enough to actually trust it. It started with me getting intense desires to find certain garments. I would get a clear image of one in my head and start to look for it, but nothing matched my description. Sometimes I bought something that fulfilled most criteria even if I would much rather get the exact one I had sketched up in my head. I did not make a big deal out of this at first. I mean, what are the odds of finding an exact replica of a picture in your head? Not very big, or so I thought… Around six to twelve months after I had gotten an image in my head, that exact garment showed up in basically every store in town, on every shop online, on every fashion influencer’s Instagram, literally everywhere. Eventually I realised that the pictures were not part of a figurative wish list, they were predictions.

When I gave designing my own clothing a shot (only on paper, but still) I became more certain of that this sixth sense of mine was real. The theme of my designs for a particular season were the main themes of the designs in store for that season. It felt surreal for quite long and every time something like this happened I was stunned. Now I find it quite natural. I mean, I have a passion for fashion, knowing trends are a part of it. But as I said, I have not mastered this ability fully. Most “predictions” are quite short term and therefore not that extraordinary. Yet, that is all I really need to make a trend forecast for the coming season! So, here they are: the main fashion trends for spring 2018, brought to you by My Johansson.

Vivid colours

For many years cotton candy pastels have ruled the spring fashion, but time has come for them to take a step back and let the vivid colours reign. This year is the year to go bold or go home. Red, orange, magenta, cobalt, yellow… All the strong and independent colours from a field of flowers in bloom. Feel free to pick a few and create a bouquet, but be cautious whilst doing so. The colours have to bring out the best from one another and not fight for attention. Right now the hottest colour combination is blue and yellow which will take us from winter to spring. Towards May I believe we will see a lot of pink and red together, something we got a peek at last year already, and hopefully the exotic pair that is magenta and orange… Oh how I love that!

Pants / Shirt / Blazer


What would spring be without flowers? Not only does the colour scheme of the coming season remind us of them, but they will also be directly portrayed on lots of pieces. Even if the flower pattern is barely news by now I strongly believe that some patterns will be given a new spin. The dynamic, realistic illustrations will partially be replaced by more static, abstract ones. Given the clean cuts of the season, this change is not too unexpected.

Dress / Blouse / Shirt Dress

Girl Boss

Everything about the trends of this spring is encouraging us to embrace and empower our feminine sides. The silhuettes are sleek to reflect elegance, grace and seriousness, the colours vibrant to reflect boldness, playfulness and independence. All of it together is just screaming “girl boss”, something I relate quite strongly to. Not because I am a literal boss, but because I consider myself to be a strong, independent woman that will do what she wants and stand by her ideals no matter what dislikers of them tell me. A woman secure enough to have discussions and change her opinion if she is given fair reason to. To express this in clothing this spring is something I am looking forward to.

Pants / Blazer / Skirt


The denim jacket has been a given staple in the spring wardrobe for longer back than I have lived, even if it has been absent at times. This year, all denim is hotter than ever. Even if it is a bit cold for the denim jacket at the moment there is nothing stopping you from rocking a pair of jeans. Together with the blue and yellow combo a denim detail could be the key behind creating the most fashionable, in-style look of the early spring. In addition, denim is a great contrast engenderer when combined with the otherwise clean-cut and “professional” characterised garments that define the spring fashion.

Jacket / Dress & Jacket / Jeans

I don’t know about you, but I am really excited for some shopping right now… What do you think of the trends I have mentioned? Are they up your alley? Are there other trends you are more excited about? Let me know, or not. Your choice. In any case: stay original, gorgeous! xoxo


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