Top 7 Beauty Products of February 2018

Top 7 Beauty Products of February 2018

L’Oréal Paris Shine Caresse Lipgloss in 102 Romy

There has been many days where I have been wanting to complement my look with a subtle touch colour on my lips this past month. A high coverage lipstick would be too much whilst my Carmex would not be enough. This lipgloss, on the other hand, proofed itself to be the best of both worlds! It is moisturising, gives a comfortable feeling and the most gorgeous pink tint. The applicator makes it super easy to apply, even at 7:15 AM on a turbulent bus ride.

Make Up Store Lipstick in Amaranth

For the days I have been wanting a bold touch of colour this has been the product that I have reached for. The formula is creamy, goes on smoothly and gives a vibrant lustrous finish. These aspects obviously make the lipstick good (quite fantastic actually), but the main reason I have been reaching for this is the shade. It is just the perfect mix of cold pink and warm red which makes it complementary to so many other colours.

Maybelline Lash Sensational Luscious Mascara

When choosing a mascara I basically only look at the applicator. I try to determine how it would run through my lashes, how efficiently the colour would transmit and how easy it would be to reach the lashes in the inner and outer corner. This mascara caught my interest immediately and did not disappoint when I put it to the test. It lasts forever (it is actually a little hard to remove), gives a dramatic, full-length effect and works just as well alone as it does with a dark smokey eye. A great mascara, in other words.

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft & Gentle

This highlighter might be one of the most hyped up ones in the industry. Not right now, but through the years. I do not know how many youtubers and bloggers I have heard praise this products. What I do know though is that my name can be added to the list. It amazes me how it can give such an intense glow whilst managing to blend into the skin and appear natural. One brush stroke and I am a new person. Not literally but it sure feels that way. I cannot wait for sunnier days to really give this highlighter the lighting it deserves.

Becca Cosmetics Shimmering Skin Perfector in Moonstone

I got this at the same time as the one above, thinking that I would use this for a more intense glow and the other for a more subtle one. As it turned out, the MAC one made the top of my cheekbones pop whilst this gave somewhat of a moderate shine. That moderate shine is not to play with, though. I go for that look quite often and at those times, this sure serves some nice glow. It is particularly effective in the smaller areas such as the inner corner of my eyes, under my eyebrows and on the amor’s bow.

Max Factor Bronzing Powder in 01 Golden

The foundation I am currently using is a bit too light for me, which has caused me to reach for my bronzers much this month. This one from Max Factor was actually the very first bronzing powder I bought! I have not used it regularly for years but now it is on my face close to everyday. The shade is semi-sheer with small light reflecting particles in it, making it easier than ever to get that natural looking bronzed glow. I use a large stippling brush to apply it as smoothly as possible (there is nothing worse (makeup wise) than unblended bronzer, right?).

Real Techniques Mini Eraser Sponge

I recently bought a set of Real Techniques brushes which included three sponges, this being one of them. There are not many situations where I find myself reaching for a makeup sponge since I much rather use brushes, but when it comes to sweeping away eyeshadow fallout I always manage to smudge it out and make it worse. To my surprise, this sponge was apparently made to avoid that exact thing! I just dab it (dry) where there is unwanted eyeshadow and it picks it up without making a mess. So if you, like me, are struggling with eyeshadow fallout and do not know what to do about, I recommend checking this sponge out.

Stay original, gorgeous! xoxo


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