My Current Go-To: Loose Pants & Graphic Tee

My Current Go-To: Loose Pants & Graphic Tee

You have overslept. You are tired and stressed. You have started your day horribly but managed to make it up until this point. Then, the hardest challenge of all presents itself: a closet full of clothes that in a chosen combination is supposed to form your outfit for the day. If you are anything like me, this scenario can end in one of two ways. Either you will end up in a boring outfit that cannot go wrong but is never really right either or you will have a breakdown, start to cry and consider if it is even worth leaving the house today. In any case, your day will hardly get better.

The second alternative may seem a bit overdramatic, but from my perspective it is a reasonable response. Wearing a carefully composed outfit that makes me feel like a million bucks is not just a way to boost my confidence, it is part of my identity. Therefore, circumstances under which I cannot compose that type of outfit consumes me. I am being forced to leave a piece of myself at home. If it is for a fair reason, like if I am doing something that day that requires other clothing (for example skiing, hiking, going on a space mission etcetera) it is fine, but if it is because I overslept it feels so unnecessary that it causes a breakdown.

But, there is a simple way to prevent both endings of the scenario: having a go-to outfit. From previously mentioned experiences I have learned that a go-to outfit is my stressed self’s best friend. “What is a go-to outfit?”, you ask. Basically it is a simple outfit that can be combined in a couple of different ways to save you in situations where you just do not have time/energy/motivation to create a new one. A go-to outfit can at most times be formulated in an “outfit formula”, which in this particular case looks like this:

Loose High-Waist Pants + Graphic Tee + Matching Accessories

What is clever about this formula is that I have a lot of different graphic tees that makes it easy to vary the look, that the matching accessories change depending on which tee I choose which once again helps vary the look and that it all in all is extremely comfortable. Fashion-wise the pants cut of an otherwise constant looseness and, in my opinion, add a level of class to the outfit which also creates a contrast to the casualty of the tee. The accessories are supposed to pick up details from the print on the tee which hopefully ties it all together. The only con of the formula is that one may not own matching accessories to all (or any) graphic tee one is in possession of, but fortunately I do.

Stay original, gorgeous! xoxo

Another go-to of mine from the fall of 2016.


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