A Store With Dazzling Jewellery

A Store With Dazzling Jewellery

A couple of years ago I followed the blog of a woman named Kelly Biddle. If I do not misremember, it was her friend who had a small jewellery store from which Kelly used to show some pieces. At that time I was crazy about statement pieces. They had not had their breakthrough yet (at least not in Sweden) and it was hard to find a proper selection of big, bold jewellery that would just scream attitude. But then I found this store, and I did no longer need to seek.

The store is called Cocoo and is today offering the biggest selection of jewellery and accessories (they also sell makeup brushes, clothes and swimwear) in Scandinavia. I still think they have the absolute best selection of statement pieces (still obsessed) in Sweden, even now when other big companies has started to offer them too. Other than that, they have worldwide shipping and probably the nicest support ever.

I ordered the most gorgeous party pieces the other week and I have been obsessed with them since. Sadly, I have not gotten a chance to wear any of them yet but trust me when I say that these are going to be worn a lot this season. I mean, with all of the festivities and glam that characterizes this month… How could I not wear them?

The team at Cocoo were also kind enough to send me a discount code to share with you. By using the code XMAS20 (expires on December thirteenth) you will get a whole twenty percent off your entire order! So if you want to treat yourself (perhaps you have not found your perfect party pieces yet?) or your loved ones this christmas, I would definitely recommend you to pay Cocoo a visit! 

Stay original, gorgeous! 

Set with emerald necklace and earrings here, strass choker is currently out of stock. 

This post is in collaboration with Cocoo. 


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