With Red in the Details

With Red in the Details

December is here and in my book, that means that it is time to transition into the winter fashion. What that actually means is a bit unclear but for me, December is christmas and christmas is red. Is it not almost obligatory to wear red at some point during December? Even if it is not, I decided to go for  this very transitional red look; not quite leaving autumn behind, but definately welcoming winter. 

This is a pretty simple outfit, really. There are only three interesting aspects as I see it. The first is to make the red components dominating even if they are of small proportions. Or maybe the other way around: to add such a dominating colour as red actually is without letting it take over. Either way, the red components are the bag, the lipstick and the pattern in the dress. They all bring out each other and create a red thread, so to speak. Whilst they are all only minor details, they turn into a major part of the outfit when combined. You know what they say: every little helps.

Balancing up the redness of the look do the pretty big and strong black pieces. The colour does not matter as much as the size in this context, but black is obviously an “aggressive” colour and a good way to tone something down a bit. Getting back to the sizes you might have noticed that the three balck pieces I am wearing (the hat, the coat, the shoes) are larger than the average size of the category. The hat has a broad frame, the coat is broad shouldered and the boots reach over the knee. Choosing these proportions helps with making the red elements slightly more submissive, giving the outfit a more balanced expression.

Last but not least I want to bring up something I think many do without knowing it, but is rarely mentioned. I am talking about achieving a balance between the areas of showing skin. I find this really important when I compose my outfits. Rolling up the sleeves of the shirt or folding up the rim of the trousers are just as important as the shirt and trousers themselves. The areas I find most important are  between the neckline and the shoulder, the fingertips and the sleeve as well as the pant and the shoe. I want these to relate to one another in a balanced way, meaning that the amount of leg shown is in the same scale with the rest of the leg as the chest is with the torso, for example. This rule is extremely vague and there are many exceptions to it but I still think it is worth having in mind whilst getting dressed.

Thank you so much for reading, I appreciate it more than you can imagine. Stay original, gorgeous! xoxo

Dress & bag from Mango, hat from Åhléns, shoes from Belle Shoes, coat from H&M, lipstick is “Ruby Woo” lipstick by Mac. 


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