5 Garments to Keep You Warm, Cozy & In Style

5 Garments to Keep You Warm, Cozy & In Style

The sun-hours are getting fewer, the weather is getting colder and the urge to stay in bed watching movies all day is getting stronger. Even if this is a splendid idea somedays, your home needs to be left others. On these days I know how tempting the thought of wearing pyjamas is. For that reason, I am going to show you an outfit composed of garments that will make you think you actually are wearing pyjamas whilst looking as in style as ever.

1. The knit

This time of the year is probably the main reason garments are even knitted in the first place. They give you warmth, feel soft against your skin and a shame to not wear during this season, in both matters of comfort and fashion.

2. The loose skirt

Do not trap your legs in those tight pants, go for a skirt instead. Many find this tiresome to do so since many skirts need to be checked on every five minutes to make sure you are not flashing anything but that is exactly why I recommende a loose kind. Whilst keeping you unrestrained it will also make you look on fleek without giving anyone a peak.

3. The pair of stockings

Not only will they help keep you warm, but also show that you are aware of your layering techniques, which I do not need to say is the best way to dress in the fall. I am wearing a pair with a lace detail (which is not clear in these photos, but I promise that it is there) to make it all more interesting.

4. Something of faux leather

If you have never worn faux leather you do not know that most items actually have a layer of felt on the inside. Imagine that on a cold, rainy day, the softness warming up your skin… The leather itself will also keep you dry.

5. Details of choice

As with any other outfit, the key to it often lies in the details. For this one I have chosen to add hints of lace on three points. The rim of the stockings, the bralette (which also is extremely comfortable) peaking out along the neckline of the sweater and the choker, not actually being made of lace but looks very similar to it.

Stay warm, cozy and in style, but most importantly: stay original, gorgeous. xoxo

Sweater, stockings & choker from H&M, shoes from Belle Shoes, skirt from BikBok, bralette from Cubus. 


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